This calculator allows you to find out your minimum hourly rate (MHR). The result is the minimum price per hour for your work, which does not take into account the profit required.

In small business, it is difficult to distinguish between business and personal costs. Therefore, calculate them together. Take the cost of the whole household and all the people living with you as a base. Subtract the others’ share of the common expenses in the penultimate step.

The form will take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, depending on the attention you are willing to give it. The information you enter is for your use only, it is not stored anywhere and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Minimum hourly rate (MHR) will help you:

  • More accurately determine the price of a specific job (you have a clear number to multiply the hours of work by)
  • Defend your price to the customer (when you know what your minimum is, it’s easier to argue)
  • Decide which jobs to take and which to politely decline (all of which are lower than your MHR per hour)
  • Determine which jobs to outsource (generally those that you can get for less than your MHR)