Marketing consultancy is a broad term under which you can imagine many things. That’s why I decided to let you take a peek into my magical kitchen and describe in more detail what I can specifically do for you in consulting and mentoring. I call myself a Marketing Witch, because I combine several things in my work: strategy, therapy, visualizations, tarot and rituals.

1. Strategies

The core of my consulting services is primarily marketing and business. I will discuss with you the ways you promote yourself, the tools you use and what you tell clients about yourself. But I also address how you feel about it, what’s not working for you, or where your energy is at.

The topics I consult on most often include:

  • Pricing, especially for services,
  • Business model or how to get money out of the business,
  • The heart client, who to target and how to reach them,
  • Rules and processes (you need this when clients do something you don’t want them to do),
  • Planning, goal setting and creating intentions,
  • Branding, how your personal brand works or its archetype,
  • Authentic Marketing, or how to still be yourself while doing it all.

Even though I’m a marketer, I’m not going to set up your ads, write your copy, or link two tools together for you. There are other specialists for that. I focus on how you think about business and how your soul feels about it.

“I can highly recommend Madla. If you’re lost in the entrepreneurial darkness, Madla will light up for you.” Alice Kavková, Game Archaeologist

In almost all consultations, the web also comes up. This is because I believe it largely reflects the current state of your business. The same thing that happens on the web often happens in your business and vice versa. When you want to make a change in your life, I’ll often recommend you make it on the web first and see what happens.

2. Therapies

The success of freelancers and freelance entrepreneurs is very often determined by mindset. This is especially true when strategies fail, and marketing tools stop working. My advantage is that I can work with these situations.

I have a degree in psychology and a 4-year systematic training in Gestalt therapy. In addition, I have completed three years of training in the systemic approach, accredited EFT technique workshops, many hours of client work, supervision and my own personal development. I will therefore guide you safely and respectfully through the pitfalls of your own mind.

“Madla encouraged me to show my true self in self-presentation, to connect activities that I love and seem disconnected. I have found that I don’t have to go against my mood to show what I can do.” Tereza Juppová, coach and guide

The trainings taught me first and foremost to listen and to ask questions. Which is probably the most useful thing for me during consultations. In addition, I often use EFT and Matrix, the two-chair technique and address various inner saboteurs and subpersonalities.

3. Tarot

Recently it was 30 years since I first picked up tarot cards. But beware – I don’t see tarot as a tool of divination, but of self-discovery. So, I’m not going to tell you what´s ahead for you. Because you have free will and what happens next in your life is largely up to you. But with the cards, I can make sure you have enough information to do that.

We can ask questions like:

·       why is this happening to you now,

·       what you need to learn from this,

·       what are the causes of the current events,

·       what beliefs or opinions are standing in your way,

·       what motivation the other people involved have,

·       what’s in it for you if you choose A or B,

·       what next step you can take.

I do not offer tarot reading as a stand-alone service, but as part of counseling. Just ask for it during your consultation. Sometimes I’ll even pull the cards myself (with your permission) when I see that they represent a quicker way to get to the heart of the matter, or to get unstuck.

“What fascinates me about my consultations with Madla is how she can see through a person and go straight to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t waste time on what you think you need but gets straight to what’s behind it.” Jana Andrésková, web designer

4. Visualization

Clarify the path you want to take in business and in life. Better know and welcome your heart clients. Talk to the Soul of your business. Get rid of something you no longer want. Forgive yourself. Understand what abundance means to you. All of this can be done well through guided imagination.

“Madla feels and honors your dreams, putting it all into context and practical action steps using her deep knowledge of marketing, business, logic, mysticism and psychology. And all of this together just works.” Markéta Odvárková, voice and talent coach

I use visualizations most often in group events. You can also find a few of them in my online self-study courses (which are in Czech language). But occasionally they come up in a consultation as well. I’ll let you close your eyes and use music and voice to guide you through what you need to experience right now.

5. Rituals

A ritual, in my opinion, is any deliberate behavior that is intended to change your psyche. It is especially helpful when your mind is resisting to accept something. In short, when you’re struggling with something in your life, and you can’t seem to achieve inner peace and harmony.

When needed, in a consultation I will recommend the exact procedure on how to do such a ritual. So it may be that I will send you, for example:

·       to let something that you no longer want in your life go down the river,

·       to a place that’s important to you, to recharge your batteries,

·       burn an introject by the fire,

·       to the cemetery to deal with your ancestors,

·       or go to the store to buy a symbol of something you want to attract.

But a ritual might just as well be that you fill out a marketing plan, set up a business license, or write something on the web that you haven’t yet dared to say about yourself. The important thing is intention.

“What I like most about Madla is her uncritical and unbiased perspective, which creates a safe environment on the call. Her consultations are practical, grounded and lightly spiced with alternative methods. Just the way it should be.” Janče Skalková, social media advertising expert

Practical info

I always start with a 90-minute initial consultation. Before that, I’ll ask you to fill out a marketing plan. I’ve read a little over a thousand of them over the last 20 years. So even from yours, I can probably tell how you perceive your business and where the boot is pushing you.

“The initial consultation was terrific! Even now, a month later, I’m still drawing on my notes and putting the tips and ideas passed on into reality.” Jindřiška Martínková, yoga instructor and massage therapist

Only after the initial meeting can you get a consultation package or mentoring from me. I don’t usually do any introductory phone calls or free trial consultations. Instead, I have a simple rule. If within 15 minutes of the start of the consultation we find that it’s going nowhere, we’ll stop the appointment, and I won’t charge you anything.

If you feel my approach is a good fit for you, you can book your appointment here.